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"Zoe Records UK Receives Prestigious Awards in 2022: Record Label of the Year and Best Gospel Record

Zoe Records UK has been making waves in the music industry, with numerous accolades to show for it. In 2022, the record label was honored with the Record Label of the Year by the Prestige Awards and the Best Gospel Record Label award by SME News UK Enterprise Awards. In 2021, Zoe Records UK was also recognized as the Most Empowering Record Label.

Throughout its 24-year history, Zoe Records UK has won several awards for its contributions to the gospel music industry, both in the UK and globally. From being named Best Gospel Music Promoter in 2013 by Praisetek Gospel Music Awards to receiving the Legendary Award in 2018 by Praisetek Gospel Music Awards, the record label has left a lasting impact.

Zoe Records UK boasts an impressive roster of talented artists, with several groundbreaking awards to their name. Lola Godheld became the first Black British artist to win a Dove Award in 2011, while Isaac Odeniran was awarded Best Gospel Album and Little Debbie Dee was named Best Christian Album in 2005 by the Christian Broadcasting Council Media Awards.

The record label has a vast catalogue of gospel music, with over 800 audio tracks and 300 videos from artists from Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and North America. It continues to make a difference in the industry through its daily radio show, the Annual Freedom Festival, bi-monthly artist showcase, exhibitions of Black British and UK gospel music history, and various music releases. Additionally, its sister imprint, Zoe Films UK, is expanding its work through film releases via cinemas, festivals, and online platforms.


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