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Never one to rest on her laurels, the sensational artist Sharyn returns with a mesmerizing new single titled "Divine." This musical masterpiece delves into the profound, transformative power of faith and the unwavering love of the Divine. As Sharyn herself articulates, it's a poignant reminder that even in our darkest moments, the radiant light of Christ Jesus can guide us through.

Incorporating a captivating blend of jazz, blues, and soul, Sharyn, a Platoon artist, continues to captivate listeners with her distinctive musical prowess. Her debut album in 2021 received well-deserved acclaim, earning her the prestigious Premier Gospel Award for Best Female. With a voice that boasts a distinct, rich, warm tone and a larger-than-life personality, Sharyn stands as one of the most cherished female artists in the UK Gospel scene.

Sharyn's remarkable storytelling ability shines brightly in the mid-tempo ballad "Divine." Widely recognized for her velvety lower register, this track sees the soulful songstress gracefully explore her upper vocal range, much to the delight of her devoted audience.

When you immerse yourself in this enchanting musical creation, you can't help but feel the overwhelming presence of love for the Divine. "Divine" is a beautiful and soul-stirring composition that will undoubtedly lead you to seek solace in the faithful embrace of Christ Jesus, whose scars bear a poignant resemblance to our own.

You can watch her amazing live performance on TBNUK Here

About Sharyn:

Originally hailing from South London, the gifted singer-songwriter Sharyn embarked on her musical journey by recording her debut EP, "Beautiful Saviour," featuring five distinct tracks. In 2019, she lent her vocal talents to the afro-beat single "By My Side," collaborating with Marizu and Tbabz.

Amid the challenging year 2020, Sharyn released her breakthrough debut album, "IN FULL BLOOM," leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Despite the pandemic's adversity, her music has amassed millions of streams and graced the airwaves of BBC1 and BBC 1XTRA. Her undeniable talent earned her numerous accolades, including the esteemed title of Best Female Vocalist at the 2022 Premier Gospel Awards.

Sharyn navigates across genres, showcasing her boundless versatility, seamlessly moving from afrobeats to R&B, soul, garage, house, and pop. Sharyn is working on a new EP slated for release in 2024 with no boundaries limiting her creative exploration. Her musical journey promises to be exciting, filled with inspiration and divine melodies that touch the heart and soul.

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