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UK-based Purist Ogboi's 'YESHUA': A Powerful Anthem of Hope and Faith

UK-Based singer and worship leader Purist Ogboi is back with a powerful new single and video, "YESHUA." The faith-filled track is a beacon of hope that declares God's sovereignty over all things and is available now on digital platforms.

Purist's new song was born out of a time of loss and hardship, inspired by the tragic events of the pandemic and the loss of a special woman of God she deeply admired. The experience led Purist to ponder the unexplainable, and the lyrics for "YESHUA" flowed effortlessly, a powerful declaration of faith in God's love and protection.

Through the toughest of life's trials, "YESHUA" is there as our anchor, strength, and deliverer. He is the fourth man in the fire, a constant presence and a source of unwavering hope and comfort. The song, written by Purist and produced by Evans Ogboi for Simplicity Records London UK, is sure to lift your spirits and strengthen your faith.

Purist's powerful vocals and the uplifting message of "YESHUA" are the perfect antidote for the stresses and uncertainties of the world today. So don't hesitate, listen to the song today and let the peace and hope of God's love wash over you.


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