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Mary Ozaraga Drops New Single - "Love Has The Final Word"

Mary Ozaraga began sharing her music during the lockdowns in 2020, eventually releasing 3 singles & a 3 track Christmas EP in 2021. Her playfulness and musical influences are seen in how she experiments with song styles. Her style ranges from meditative soaking songs to pop/upbeat/rap to folk/singer-songwriter to alternative/symphonic rock.

Her new song, Love Has The Final Word was birthed out of storytelling of the passion of Jesus. The song sings about the unimaginable, cringe-worthy imagery without sugar-coating, but it is painted in words and melody beautifully, set up against a backdrop of mellow to a bit grungy production. This brings the emotions to an ebb and flows, as it narrates the drama unfolding, ending in a brief note, symbolizing Love having the Final Word.


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