CRWN JWL has released a brand new track titled -YAHWEH, In his statement, CRWN JWL explains, " the song speaks about a boy who seem to continuously drift away from God thinking the things he has been doing out the world were right and can provide healing for him.

However, he finds that only through God he can attain through restoration to be exactly who he is meant to be and in doing so he finds himself giving his life over and calling on YAHWEH giving him praise for saving him regardless of the mistakes he has made."

YAHWEH, was produced by Kelvin Hayles and is available on all digital platforms and available here.

LYRICS Verse 1:

Whenever I'm down (down)

I call on your name

Your blessings your blessings

come down (down)

It's always the same

Even though

I would turn around

and go back to my ways

your love is too perfect

I done deserve it


Now God i deh search for you

Oh God i deh thirst for you

My whole life it belongs to you

Search my heart see my words are true

My whole life was a KKpoo

Now i flip it around for you

and i fall on my knees for you

and give up my praise to you


Yahweh (Yahweh)

Yahweh (hey)

Yahweh (Yahweh) Yahweh (hey)

I call on your name

call on your name

call on your name (hey)

Verse 2:

In you are the treasures

of knowledge and wisdom

Cyaa believe I've been sinning and thinking i'm winning

Six had a hold of my soul

So i ran to my papa in hope

and politely he opened the door

He son do nuh worry nuh more (ooh)

There is something in you i've restored (ooh)

Just live by my words and explore (ooh)

and you will see my face



God i give you praise

praises from my soul


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