A time of prayer turned into a worshipful song by artist Ashley BA. A co-writing effort with UK artist Esther Sardar, Ashley shares her new single, ‘With Me’.

A strong instrumental blend of acoustic guitar, simple keys and a steady percussive beat flowing steadily into the beautifully crafted lyrics and vocal melody and harmonies of Ashley BA.

A song for the repeat play and your newest worship playlist. May Ashley's song of prayer turn into your prayer song as you lean in closer to God.


“With Me” came during a personal prayer time session. I was going through a period where I had decided to become “reacquainted” with God again, and get to know Him for myself. This was also a time where I felt I was at a major crossroads in my life, and not sure which direction to take.

During this period I would spend a lot of time away from

other people and distractions like my phone and TV, just to take time to pray, worship, wait on God and journal. As it was a personal season that I was going through, at times it would feel lonely with no one to express my journey to or what I was going through.

However I was reminded that even when I am alone, I am never really by myself. That God would never leave me or forsake me, and that He would lead me in the way I should go, showing the right path I should take. This season taught me that at times when God is doing a work in us it does require a period of solitude, to shut out the noise and focus on

Him. Even then we are never alone.

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