Peace Deborah Oluwatuyi is a Malta born British-Nigerian gospel artist. She was raised in a musical environment and had the privilege of performing in school music talent shows, choirs and as part of a Church Orchestra where she played the Saxophone.

Peace Deborah in her new single titled, He Sees It All, expresses her conversation to God to share hope with every listener. He Sees It All, lyrically speaking, is a heartfelt prayer song;

But oh I know

You're a God of love

So I know

You will comfort us

And oh I know

You won't leave us

You see all that's happening Lord

And you'll fix it.

In her statement, Peace Deborah, "Christians can easily find themselves in challenging situations where they don't know what to say or even how God will show up. This results in many opting to stay silent in fear of saying the wrong thing, but shouldn't Christians be light? How are they to respond to all that's happening in the world?".

Peace Deborah prays that more Christians around the world would declare their trust in God's caring nature, thus allowing the hopeless to see constant glimpses of light everywhere they turn.

The South London artist hopes to sing authentic songs of victory from her life's battles just like the Biblical Deborah in Judges 5. Peace Deborah hopes to continue writing real and thought-provoking music to help and encourage listeners and ultimately strengthen their walk with God.

Peace Deborah released her debut single titled, Unfamiliar Ground, in 2018 which captures the feeling of being in the valley, but trusting that God is still there and able to save. In 2019, she released Blueprint a prayer song to God that she will walk in His plan.

Peace Deborah intends to keep writing music and invites whoever will listen to grow and journey with her.

He Sees It All -Lyrics Video is available here and on other digital platforms.

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