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'My Love’ is an upbeat soulful - folk - rock - pop feel good production, featuring singer songwriter ‘Doug Walker’ on Vocals.

Emma’s songwriting on this latest single is euphoric and melodious, boldly reiterating promises of a loyal love that is to come. Produced by Dan Stirling, the single has a sense of romance and passion combined with Emma’s inescapable vocal intimacy creating a vulnerable and tender love song.

The single hails the release of Emma’s third album titled ‘Exquisite’ which she plans to release this Autumn. The album is a compilation of songs written to challenge the listener’s ideas of love, be the forgotten voice of women, and share Emma’s story.

Speaking about this latest single release, Emma expressed her love for writing poetically, allowing the listener to journey at their own pace, often through deep matters of the heart. The song reiterates and defines the promise of a divine ‘loyal love’, the awaited Kingdom of Heaven, and the offer to accept the gift of eternal life offered to us by God through Jesus, who is the ultimate lover of our souls.

Often compared to the likes of Adele and Tracey Chapman, Emma Mould has been singing professionally since 2015 and has never looked back. She has since played at various venues across the city and has contributed on BBC Radio.

'My Love’ will be available to download and stream on all major outlets including Spotify, Itunes, Google Play and others. ‘My Love’ is available to pre-order here: visit

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