inderpaul sandhu - letter to self

With a physical appearance that evokes magic, it's no surprise that UK-based artist, Inderpaul Sandhu's music style is likened to that of Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Amy Winehouse because he leaves an indelible impression on the minds of gospel music lovers.

"Talking bout everything, else, insteada how you feel and what you need" is a line taken from his new project. Three days ago, "Letter To Self" dropped as the first track on his forthcoming 5-track 'The Colindale Tape' destined to arrive in digital stores on the 16th of January 2019.

(Download Letter To Self by Inderpaul Sandhu)

In a press release, the unpredictable songwriter, vocalist, rapper and fashion designer from East London whose creatively on the edge of parable-tic lyrics, from charming rap flows to smooth, soulful rock said:

"how many of us around the world do the line resonate with today? Throwing punches, countless punches for others so that they can feel good or that we can be good and try to fit into the imaginary boxes they have for us in their heads...but whose putting this much effort in for us? Who is asking us how we feel? What we need..."

A conversation with two friends birthed Letter To Self, and Inderpaul Sandhu hopes the song will be highlighted on many music playlists the world over. Press play to listen to it below.