UK Gospel Music and Media Influencers have found common ground and completed the marathon of meetings that promise to solidify one of the countries' most significant alliance.

On Tuesday, after the third meeting held at Premier Gospel, an agreement was reached by the Gospel Action Music Group to capitalise on supporting Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) and deliver a music network that brings together all stakeholders.

According to O'Neil Dennis of, who doubles as meeting co-facilitator, the last round of presentation and talks drew six fundamental points and added incentive to implement the following changes:

  • The GMIA Board of Directors (currently three) gets a massive influx with six new Directors to be appointed before October.

  • The UK Gospel community gets to determine who the new Directors will be through a national Nominations Committee.

  • The UK has been split into six regions with each responsible for selecting two individuals (plus a 3rd from the most populous) to make up the voting Nominations Committee:

– Ireland (2)

– Scotland (2)

– North (2)

– Midlands (2)

– South East & London (3)

– South West & Wales (2)

  • The new Board of Directors governing the organisation will, at their first meeting, elect a chairperson.

  • The new Board of Directors will appoint a Chief Executive Officer to manage the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

  • The new CEO will look to appoint a management/operations team to carry out the work of the organisation.


These valid points have provided stakeholders with greater confidence to better serve the industry together and add momentum to bolster the emerging alliance. And of course, that means the "most exciting time and... great anticipation for the new faces, fresh ideas and importantly the many more hands and hearts joined for the work ahead".

For a detailed update on what transpired at the final meeting, plus O`Neil Dennis` reaction, please read ONE TIMELY STEP FOR GMIA, ONE MASSIVE LEAP FOR UK GOSPEL.

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