It`s good to know by Upon A Hill

Upon A Hill” started as a group of friends singing their favourite gospel tracks to God. They’d do it at home, on the tube, in the park, anywhere really.

Then the light bulb moment happened, “let’s be a band and write our songs,” idealized group lead, Prince Kenneth. What looked seemingly insignificant has grown into a playing family band with a Christmas album titled "Pure/The winter Offering". As they say, don’t despise the days of small beginnings.

(Download It`s Good To Know by Upon A Hill)

Most recently, the group released their 5-track double extended plays: It’s Good To Know and Live At Westway Studios, recorded at St.Katherine's Church, London. So, we had a short interview with Prince to find out more about the songs and “Upon A Hill”.

It’s such an honour to meet you. How would you describe Upon A Hill’s style of music?

I’d say we’re a CCM band (Contemporary Christian Music). That’s the best way I can explain our music as I feel it incorporates several styles under the umbrella of CCM. Some of the songs we have and are working on determines the form we use (for each particular track).

I love CCM. If I may ask, what inspired your new EP?

Well, it started with the song I wrote back in January, which was influenced by the theme of the year in our church worldwide - 2019, Our Year of Victories, and a few other things that were going on in and around my life, and when I had finished this song, I knew and felt that it had to get out there. Then from this, we added a few more songs to make an EP. Later, we recorded the songs live and released both on the 7th of June.

You made the right decision there. How would you describe the songwriting process of your new EP?

The primary songwriters are myself and my bandmate, Vandyke. Our songs, just like many, if not all, come from that personal walk with God. Some come from our Bible studies, sermons, situations that happen around us, etc. For example, Vandyke wrote the song “Peace” inspired by the life of a young missionary known by us who died on the mission field in Zambia.

Your experiences genuinely inspire me. What are your expectations for the new EP?

In general, we hope that our songs spread the message of salvation, and go where we cannot go physically. We pray it travels far and convict hearts to turn and draw closer to God - building up a network and fanbase are all secondary.

The collection of songs on your EP are lovely. Who produced it and where was it made?

For the studio EP, we met a music producer on Fiverr who has become a good friend. He is based in Nigeria and will be producing some tracks on our up and coming album scheduled for release next year. You can view our EP tracklist below.

Live At Westway Studios by Upon A Hill

a) It’s Good To Know tracklist:

1) Your Love 2) You Show Up 3) Peace 4) Jesus For The Win 5) The Best Is Yet To Come

b) Live At Westway Studios tracklist:

1) The Best Is Yet To Come [live] 2) So Much Mercy [live] 3) Peace [live] 4) Jesus For The Win [live] 5) You Show Up x Your Love [live]


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