The Pressing On Project by Liz Owoade

Following the release of her UKCC Top 5 single "Pressing On", gospel singer/songwriter Liz Owoade is out with her debut EP “The Pressing On Project”. Accompanying the collection was a live acoustic album launch event with family and friends, set within a Starbucks cafe in her home town, Leicester.

It's been almost two years since a creative session set her on the journey to creating this body of work and Liz is now ready to share what she calls her first "Pop" album with the world!

"Gospel is my pop music! I like to express my love for God through different genres of music," she wrote.

The message of her EP is based on the bible verse, Phillipian 3:13-14, where Paul speaks of forgetting those things behind us in our past and reaching forth to the great future we have in Christ. Songs on the EP also celebrate who God is to us and reminds us of God's greatness and faithfulness.

The Pressing On Project is now available on major online stores including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. The EP is also available to order on a special 6-panel CD with lyrics. Get in touch with Liz’s team for further details!

(Download The Pressing On Project by Liz Owoade)