The River by Desola Music

It’s no coincidence that UK female gospel artist Desola released the audio and video of THE RIVER today, the 14th of June 2019 - yes, that date is significant, it’s her birthday.

If you have been following her music, last year she dropped a breathtaking new album called Intimacy, an eclectic musical collection which cuts across neo-soul, jazz, RnB and traditional gospel. So, we caught up with her in time before THE RIVER video premiered on Youtube.

(Download The River by Desola Music)

Congratulation on THE RIVER! Why are you releasing it now, Desola?

Thank you,! The RIVER is an instruction from God which is tightly coupled with my second album titled INTIMACY recently released in December 2018, which is about building a consistent relationship with God to live an abundant life.

It is a unique song that is different from anything I have done in the past, in terms of style and delivery.

How would you describe your music style in THE RIVER?

It is a neo-soul and soft pop song. It wasn`t a song planned. I just walked in the will of God for it.

Great to hear that Desola. So, what inspired THE RIVER?

Psalm 42:1 is a Bible text that describes the need for a yearning heart seeking a greater peace from The River. The holy scripture speaks of Jesus as the River of Life that can quench any thirst.

Many times we chase after things that cause us pain and grief if only we would stop reaching for them. We become frustrated and sad, but the question is, what if I go to the river to be filled up rather than searching in the wrong places or for the wrong things?

Impressive!!! So who is the producer of THE RIVER and where was it produced?

The song was created in a London studio by MOBO award-winning music producer Evans Ogboi. He did a fantastic job on The River, I must say.

What is the songwriting process like for THE RIVER?

God gave me the song in the middle of an anointing service, and it was more of the desperation for the presence and Spirit of God.

Later, I got in the car that day kept singing this line “running after you are the river that never runs dry...and I got the complete song before I got home. The funny part of it was that it was raining that day.

What are your expectations for THE RIVER after it drops?

My mission for this song is that it encourages people to go back to their first love. This song is the beginning of hope and future because the creator has its intention when he created us.

So, it`s a yearning after God`s presence...His power...His will and His love - so we can all fulfil our purposes and live an abundant life.


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