Unity Step Remix by Aaron P`reach, Kirk Rhema, J-Chief, J.Walker of (TLD)  & Ghost Lotus

Unity has always been important for human survival. We’re social creatures by nature who struggle in isolation and can mentally break when deprived of other human beings we can connect with.

However, as the world has become more connected through the Internet and globalisation, some people have become anxious about identity, resources and nationalism. This has led to division.

Project Details

The UNITY Step Remix brings together 5 rappers from different backgrounds around England. The track features Aaron P’Reach, Kirk Rhema, J-Chief, J.Walker of (TLD) and GhostLotus.

The artists come from Secondary schools and postcodes that are supposed to be at war with each other, such as: J-Chief being from Peckham, SE15 and J.Walker being from Lewisham, SE14. There was a time when they would have been in opposition to each other but they have been able to work together, using music as the peace tool.

(Download Unity (Step Remix) by Aaron P’Reach, Kirk Rhema, J-Chief, J.Walker of (TLD) and GhostLotus)


The UNITY Step Remix gives a soundtrack to the #UNITYmovement started by J-Chief and J.Walker of (TLD). The two have brought together over 40 rap artists from around the UK as part of the #UNITYmovement Gospel Rap Cypher.

The fun and upbeat party track is a reminder that life can be fun and people can come together and have a good time, putting aside ego and violence. The strength and bravado in the music is underpinned by the declaration of having God in support and therefore being unstoppable.