Pressing On by Liz Owoade

Based in Leicester UK, Liz Owoade is a wife, mother and a software engineer by profession. After over a decade serving as a worship leader, Liz is ready to share her testimony and message of God's love through her music.

Pressing On” is the title song from her upcoming debut EP "Pressing On Project" (P.O.P)! After recording the creative session of some songs from the project in August 2017, the project has built up to the production of the debut EP to be released early 2019.

This project is all about understanding our relationship with God to claim that which He has promised us fully. The message of the album stems from an authoritative bible text (Phil 3:13-14) where Paul speaks of forgetting those things in the past and reaching for the incredible future we have in Christ.

(Download Pressing On by Liz Owoade)

"Pressing On is a declaration song that I won’t be held back by the things of my past, because I now have that peace, love and grace to move forward to greater things…in Jesus name," declared Liz Owoade, a woman who likes to express her love for God through different genres of music and calls gospel her pop music.

Pressing On by Liz Owoade