Brave by Vicious Vic

Emerging Christian Hip hop artist, Vicious Vic has teamed up with electronic producer Quinlan Stuwe to create a genuinely electrifying song called Brave.

The single is Vic’s first effort of the year, and his latest since the release of his sophomore EP titled “Young but Mighty”. It pulls from influences ranging from EDM to trap, and RnB to deliver three minutes and thirty seconds of powerful motivation to share the gospel.

Brave by Vicious Vic

Vic says, “I used to use my insecurities as an excuse not to go out and do what God commanded me to do. As I grew in Christ, I realised that there is just too much at stake to run away from the great commission. I hope that every listener will realise that we are on a battlefield, and fear is not an option. Eternity is at stake. Through Christ, let us be relentless in the pursuit of souls. Be Strong. Be Brave.”

Short Biography

Born in Nigeria, raised in South Africa, and living in the United States, Vicious Vic (Oluwatoba Victor Lucas) is simply the honest outpouring of a young man’s journey with Christ. This journey has given him the passion for using each and every gift he was given to reach people with undeniable truths. He is a gifted singer, rapper, songwriter, poet, public speaker and Youtuber (check out “Vicious Vlogs” on Youtube) where he shares weekly biblical concepts.

(Download Brave by Vicious Vic)