Kevin Anthony Fowler, stage named K-Anthony is a recording artist with a passion for singing and songwriting. One determined to do his best and be a powerful voice for the cause of Christ.

"I am a Christian, a husband and father. I am a fun-loving, outspoken person, " he shared. "I enjoy sharing the gospel of Christ and the best medium, in my opinion, is through music as it`s universal, diverse and breaks many communication barriers. I take my artistic work seriously, and my inspiration comes through personal experiences, experiences of others, and the word of God."

Last week Friday, the Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) artist, K-Anthony dropped upbeat, motivational, "start-your-day" song, "I`M ALIVE," thanking God for the most precious gift of life. According to Kanthonylive Record, "the track now has over 5,000 streams on digital music outlets in its first week." It`s a head bobbing and feet dancing track that`s bound to brighten your day.

I`M ALIVE comes from a deep place in K-Anthony`s life. "It was one of those times when I was going through a form of depression," he shared.

(Download I`m Alive by K-Anthony)

"I had to dig deep in Christ and put things in perspective. My outlook changed: I realised that hey I have the gift of life, I can breathe, I can move, and I don't have everything I want, but I sure had everything I needed, I lived another day to accomplish a task, goal or dream. God sustained and provided for me and that my life has a purpose. So I started putting pen to paper, and that song was born."

Dwain Campbell and Sean Hill produced the song. We expect it to create some musical waves, introduce K-Anthony as a CCM artist to the world and hope it will be played, enjoyed and be a source of inspiration to many.

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