Born in Ghana and living in the United Kingdom, Daniel Charway also known as "Dannie" can be described as a worship minister, but there is more. Digging deeper into his brand new song, you`ll discover the overwhelming flow of lyrics with purity, truth and a style that incorporates obedience.

Lala My Song by Daniel Charway

Lala My Song, self-written by Daniel Charway is a January 2019 mid-tempo praise single that will woo you with a depth of music production coming from keyboardist, Michael Sackey, South African based producer, Mr Kwame Nkrumah and Adehye studios.

While giving the account of its inspiration, the anointed singer shared.

"There was one year when I changed jobs, and things were not the same as my old job. I was less happy and continuously thinking I had made the wrong decision and I could see the devil fighting me through a church I had helped in the past.

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Then he added, "one day on my way to work, early in the morning, while thinking about God and His infinite power, the whole verse of Lala My Song with the melody started playing in my spirit. I started following that line of thought, and I recorded what I heard on my phone. Later in the morning, this same song started playing in my spirit, so I began to sing it. And as I sang, I got excited, and the remaining part of the song fell in line."

Daniel Charway hopes that you become strengthened in your spirit when you stream or download Lala My Song. You are guaranteed joy and refreshment from God`s presence when you press play.