Victoria Tunde is a woman after God’s heart, a worshiper first and artist second. The married mum of two enjoys a great career in the Financial Services and continues to touch lives.

Changed Me by Victoria Tunde

"I’ve been ministering at my home church for about fourteen years," she underlined in a chat. "My music style is contemporary. I love the melody of songs to take prominence and for the worship objective to be fulfiling."

Changed Me, her brand new single anchors on 2 Corinthians 5:17. "I have gone through things in life, and God has continuously shown me that I am a new creation. That I am Changed," explained Victoria Tunde.

I was having a rough time at work, and that’s the area of the life that is stable and progressive. Then one day, I was going for a walk to stem the tears and the pre-chorus just dropped in my Spirit, and I started recording it on my phone while waiting for the lift and that was my confirmation from God that a change was coming.

(Download Changed Me by Victoria Tunde)

So far, Changed Me has received positive feedback. People have been blessed because it’s reflective! Oyo Musiq produced this song in London and Victoria expects that it will cause people to look back and appreciate God’s goodness and then look forward with the knowledge that He will never leave nor forsake them.

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