WORLD EXCLUSIVE - HANNAH OLA EP (Luwe is the first track to be released)

Issokay by Hannah Ola

She`s on the front cover in a bright pink dress and glowing, leaning back against the opened wooden door, her hair down and smiling.

There`s a hint. Hannah Ola is not your regular gospel artist. She combines respective professions of wife, mother, lawyer and music minister to undertake projects, fulfil her purpose and promote godly values. Today, she released a brand new single with a derived title from Africa, "Luwe." A praise chant to God, a dance track featured in her forthcoming ISSOKAY EP (produced by SMJ of the ROX Nation). It is a well-known word used in Nigerian high praise. In Luwe, Hannah Ola sings “I want to dance, I want to praise ...” These are the sentiments you feel when God brings you out of a pit. When He reveals the dimensions of His power and grace, grateful hearts always respond with Luwe! The song`s inspiration is thrillingly imaginative, "I would chant the Luwe part when leading praise and worship at my local church and feel the anointing released. One day the verse and other parts of the song was downloaded into my spirit and the rest, as they say, is history," Hannah Ola said.

Her forthcoming EP will be available for pre-order this week (limited edition/hard copies) with iTunes and Google Play pre-orders starting from 26 December. Expect a significant outbreak of Davidic praise and total liberation when you listen to "Luwe," the first track from ISSOKAY EP. Stay Connected With Hannah Ola

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Luwe by Hannah Ola


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