Awesome God by Adwoa Armah

Adwoa Armah-Appiah is a praise and worship leader, project manager by profession, CEO of Hope Assured Foundation and on the shortlist of female On-Air personalities you should be listening to on the radio. Her weekly ABN Bedtalk Show is a testament to that. Yesterday, she published the music video of "Awesome God" on Youtube. So we reached out to know more.

Congratulations Adwoa Armah-Appiah on your new music video. Why is your latest project titled Awesome God?

I was thinking of God`s awesomeness. Where I was and how far God has brought me. And that is why I called the song Awesome God.

If I may ask, what inspired you to write Awesome God?

This song is my testimony. I have been through some dark moments in my life, and when I think back and realise how far God had brought me and shaped me to be who and what I am today, it inspired me to write this song.

Adwoa Amrah-Appiah, why release the Awesome God music video now?

I believe this is the right time and the right season for me to release this video. People are going through a lot of issues mentally, emotionally and physically and this song will reach out to them, letting them know that sometimes what we need to do is to lean on God to show us how awesome He is.

Can you tell us a bit about the people that made the music video a success?

The song was recorded and produced at music Klinic by Crassie Herbert popularly known as Oshogbo in Accra. But the video was shot in London by Michael Asare Danso of Abbeam productions.

Looking forward, what are your expectations for the Awesome God music video?

I pray that the song will bless and touch the hearts of people who watch it. That through this song they will learn to lean on God in every situation that they face, for only when you let go and let God take control that`s when His amazing awesomeness gets seen. So it is my prayer that the song blesses and touch people and lead them into the throne room of God.

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