Right Now by José Kelly ft Asha Elia

After performing his album (I Once Was Lost) in October with guest appearances by Rhys Holloway and Jen Berkova, Oxford-based Christian artist, José Kelly (whose first name is pronounced Joe-Zay) has taken another significant upturn by featuring Asha Elia in "Right Now." Technically perfect, she brings that unique Christian RnB vibe which stands out and has become her vocal signature.

For the D/Hope Records singer José Kelly, it`s another step to fulfilling his dreams on the road to transforming lives with more positive bars of energy. "I believe everyone is called to impact..." is one quote tattooed onto his heart with hard work and commitment.

(Download right Now by José Kelly ft Asha Elia)

Friends, give José Kelly and Asha Elia a round of applause for their delivery in "Right Now." The two verses, chorus and bridge were peng. We can no longer deny that UK gospel music now has a new generation of artists primed and ready to light up the world for Jesus Christ. You can listen to and stream the song here on Spotify (see lyrics below).


Why’s it a struggle for me to express how I feel?/ Somebody tell me, somebody tell me/ Why’s it a struggle for me to express how I feel?/ Somebody/

It feels like a tear in my heart/ Like a part of me missing/ Tears on my face/ No one to witness/

I keep that hurt to myself/

Can’t let you in this/ I got some skeletons in my closet/ Can’t let you see ‘em/

I can’t bring it to the light/ If you see it you might go blin