"Rather Have Jesus" is a derivative of an epiphany that Jesus should be the centre of our life. Contemporary gospel singer, Bryan EzelI deterred from the path of righteousness as an aspiring musician and the road travelled was less than spiritually rewarding. He began to reflect on his life experiences and realised that choosing Christ was the best choice he could ever make.

"When I wrote this song, I had in mind past friends, relationships, and anyone who needs a positive message about life. The happiness and peace that followed my choice was confirmation that I'd "Rather Have Jesus" than any other influence.

"Each time this song played in my car or home, everyone present began to sing along and nod their head with the rhythm of the song. It's joyful to see it move others the way it moved me. The gist of the song is a clear message, as well as the art of recording this single. This song was uplifting, yet a meaningful project..." Press play to enjoy it here.

Experience a life-changing, mind shifting, urban/contemporary gospel feel when you hear Bryan Ezell's lyric arrangement, smooth vocals, and uplifting message. Press play to enjoy it here.

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