Unstoppable by Bouqui

If you are a lover of African Christian hip-hop, the chances are, you would have watched Bouqui`s Demo and King David music videos on Youtube or streamed them on Spotify.

In the presence of friends, family and other gospel music artists like Tim Godfrey, Sammie Okposo, Nikki Laoye, Frank Edwards and Eben to mention a few, at Lagos Continental Hotel in the late November 2018, Bouqui officially presented to the open public her 5th album, "Bouqui Unstoppable." Yep! One, two, three, four and five albums now to her credit.

Today, the award-winning female CHH artist released her 8-track album I have on repeat, and it`s a joint-collaboration with Angeloh. The music production credit goes to Q, mixed and mastered by MMJ, call it a break from normality as the album`s amazing tunes fuse sounds of hope, life, love, redemption and victory.

You should make "Bouqui Unstoppable" a must-have album for your December playlist (Click here to download).

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