The Twitter profile description said it best, "fresh, new pop/worship sounds from Windsor, UK." Meet writer/producer Paul Harding, who many years back was a Nightclub DJ and player in a secular band. But everything changed in 2016 for him after a divine call to "compose music and write songs" that would glorify God.

According to his account, "the next day, I sat at the piano and began to compose music and write songs" that gave birth to the Ansa2 recording, a 12-track album tagged "Change the World" which recruited the vocal services of his church friends, Massimo Bottaro, Linnea Healey, Nadia Bramley, Lucinda Makawa, Jon Stevens and Lyndsey Harding.

(Download Change The World here)

"Change the World" is an exciting album, and it`s only the beginning of great songs to come out of Windsor and King's Church International. The Ansa2 collection was made possible by many hours of music production done on headphones in various Wetherspoon establishments, and you can stream it here.

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