It`s Friday, the wait is finally over for "The Worship Must Go On" EP by Anu Omideyi. You can now stream it on Spotify and download from other digital platforms of your choice.

Up until now Anu has been known for her work with choirs, in particular as manager and lead of the award-winning The Reapers Choir, also finalists of BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year.

Now, the singer-songwriter and choir director has revealed another closely related passion of hers as worshipping God and has written, recorded live and produced four personal songs that chronicle the journey of a worshipper.

The Worship Must Go On - Anu Omideyi

From elation and adoration during joyful moments to endurance through difficult and painful seasons, the EP is an honest reflection of Anu’s relationship with God, one which she hopes everybody can identify with in one way or another.

The title track, The Worship Must Go On sets the pace for the whole project and was previously published on YouTube, 28th of November. Anu`s five-track EP encourage listeners to a place of worship regardless of any circumstances they might be facing with the knowledge that God is a good father. She shares an enduring love and trust in Him, that come what may, God will see us all through testing times to brighter days.

The Worship Must Go On track was a sequel to the earlier lyric video of an upbeat anthem, Restore the Joy. To her great surprise and joy, Restore the Joy was named Premier Gospel’s track of the week from 3 – 9 December, whilst American gospel music legend Donald Lawrence described it as “a great song” with a “really good and timely message! Awesome work!”.

(Download The Worship Must Go On - Anu Omideyi)

The producer extraordinaire, Nicky Brown, worked on the project as an associate producer, and had this to say, “The song is a result of someone whose dedication and love for Christ has birthed through expectation and hope, something special that everyone needs to hear. By hook or by crook, Anu gave everything: body, soul, spirit and finance to make this EP a reality. I’d like you to hear it and make it a reality in your life”.

Anu also worked with popular UK based Nigerian gospel recording artist Tunji Dairo, husband and wife gospel duo, The Cokers, and worship leaders Shanelle Sinclair, Camillia Emile to produce the EP.

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