Grime artist, Feed`Em is no stranger to the UK gospel music scene. He`s a young man on a mission, a perfect gentle wordsmith and lyricist, and so too is his song, NBD "Never Back Down," the video is just a click away. Press play above if you haven`t seen it yet.

After dropping Murder The Flesh EP, we caught up with him to understand the inspiration behind the 7-track music catalogue. So follow our conversation with Feed`Em, one of London`s purpose-driven CHH rapper.

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Hello, Feed`Em. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your music?

What's good famo! I'm Feed'Em, an independent artist based in London, UK. I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, and I`m passionate about music.

How have you been able to stay relevant in today’s UK gospel grime environment?

I have studied my craft more in recent times, i.e. on stage, on tour, my videos, my brand etc. That helps me see what I got and what should come next. All of that in reflection with what my followers and critics have feedback and also just keeping an open ear to work with any sounds I like, I don't follow trends, I know what works for me.

Feed`Em - Murder The Flesh

What are you most grateful for about being able to be a gospel music artist every day?

I know somebody is listening to my music and being convicted or inspired. That is a dope little seed to a greater work which is the great commission. Then it gets deeper when people are actually being impacted and seeking God as a result of my song. That's a mazza. So I'm super grateful.

What songs have you been listening to recently that you could recommend?

I haven't listened to much music recently as (a) I lost my headphones (smiling) (b) I'm in a quiet time and leaning to my study.

You are pushing boundaries with Murder The Flesh EP. Everyone is positively raving about it. What was the production process like for you?

Fam, it was long. A concept that has been developing for a while but I guess God wanted me to mean it. It's easy to preach and not practice. So yeah, I had to go through that process of murdering my flesh like doing things I wasn't comfortable with but were for my good.

Even before release I almost didn't put it out because I didn't have everything in place, no money, still had songs to record etc. So yes, challenging but worth it. Nothing beats that flow you have when you're connected with God.

It assures you that this project is more than just business. Yeah, I went on a long one, but basically, production was adding to what I had, and I found the actual sound later by being open to working with the music rather than the producer everyone uses. Carving my lane, finding my sound was the process, and then the question of balance: how lyrical was I going to be? How scriptural? And making sure I channel the message correctly.

Feed`Em - Murder The Flesh

Murder The Flesh EP tells a story. What made you create a music project like this, and what`s the story behind it?

Like I said its been a process, I last put out a project in 2015. Then its been singles and touring etc. So it was important that the next release showed where I stood and the growth in artistry. I want to make it to heaven fam, and studying the word of God helps me make the best decisions in life, so I learnt that the battle is between the flesh and the spirit.

For example, when I'm being tempted, and I want to give in to the pressure, I remember that all is vanity or I can`t gain the world and lose my soul. Also, the Bible says, to know good and not do it is a sin. So I wanted this EP to be a warning and a reminder because we`re living in a crazy time - that's why I put a red blood moon on the art cover.

What is your favourite song on Murder The Flesh EP?

It's early days. I'm a fan of the project myself, so I'm still listening and re-living the songs.

Sound bars are essential to your music, how much were you personally involved in writing "Murder The Flesh" EP?

I wrote all of the songs in the project. Including Casting Crownz which features the lovely Chi O. That song is mad powerful and very soon many will sing it in their own quiet time with God.

How did Chi O and Warship Music get involved with Casting Crownz?

I met Chi O on a radio show I was hosting. She was a guest. I remember hearing her sing, and I felt she had a pure voice which carried much conviction. It's rare that I felt like that, so for a song that is dear to me I wanted the right vocal for it.

So I hit her up. Warship Music is my brother. It`s funny because he is an artist as well. Many people know him as Unique Creation, so yeah for him and me it was another day in the lab cooking.

At the end of this year, 8th of December to be specific, you will be performing at The Rocksteady London, United Kingdom. Are you looking forward to the show?

Yes, most definitely! God has blessed me with the experience of playing in front of different crowds, and that gig will have a secular audience. So I'm praying we can set the right mood and environment that can have more in-depth conversations. Its gotta be lit for sure. (There are songs that I haven't done from the EP and newly performed ones too, so there's a lot of energy to come).

You have written many songs. Which of your songs will you be performing at The Rocksteady London, United Kingdom?

The Rocksteady London is going to be lit, that's all I can say for now. The songs may change, so I don't want to say anything. But yes, love you guys. Keep up this amazing work for the Kingdom. I have the utter respect for you and the team. Blessings.

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