Breathe by Bimi

Having grown up listening to music of all genre, upcoming gospel artist Bimi admits her Father`s DJ career inspired the beautiful love for Gospel, Soul and Pop. After her conversion to Christianity in 1992, she gravitated toward songs by Don Moen, Helen Baylor, Maranatha music, Yolanda Adams to mention a few.

Over time, her music style transformed into Contemporary/Alternative gospel, a sound that brings enlightenment which she hopes people connect to when they listen.

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Lyrically inspired by the throne of God to instruct minds on handling daily life issues, Breathe, Bimi`s brand new single is now available for download/streaming on all major digital stores.

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Verse 1 Trying so hard could get you wrong sometimes New mornings and chapters make you realise We live and we learn, life has its moments And thats how it goes now But you'll find your feet again Chorus

When life gets heated up And you feel you want to leave It ain't funny All you have to do is Breathe Inhale when it all begins Exhale don't try to keep it in And I know it won't be easy But you have to, you have to Let go X 10 Verse 2 When you feel the weight is pulling you down Hold on darling, hold on and the walls are falling all around Hold on will you, hold on Tell yourself I have what it takes Can't stop moving or step on the brakes I'll try to figure it out You have to believe in yourself and just Breathe Chorus

When life gets the best of you And you feel you want to leave I know it ain't funny now All you have to do is Breathe Inhale when it all begins Exhale don't try to keep it in And i know it wont be easy You have to, You have to Breathe... Just Breathe.... Let go, let go oh

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