Nigerian music minister and producer, Chucks Peters has released his most sought-after album Sound To The Nations for download.

Chucks Peters - Sound To The Nations

Chucks Peters is a music teacher and director, a pianist and exceptional gospel minister who has an anointing for the worship ministry. He`s also an active member and pastors in Dominion city where he leads worship in all of their major programs and conferences in different parts of the world.

He sits under the tutelage of Rev.David Ogbueli. Chucks Peters has been in the worship ministry for over 10years. But he began to come into limelight after Reverend David Ogbueli gave him the privilege to become the worship leader for Dominion city.

Chucks Peters has two albums to his credit, the first, The Unveiling dropped in 2016 and the second album, Sound To The Nations was officially released in 29th of April 2018, unveiled and anointed by Rev.David Ogbueli himself.

Asked why the album was titled Sound To The Nations, he said, God has spoken to him that he is part of the men raised for this season to blow the sound of the last revival. This album has brought a revolution in the body of Christ in recent time especially in Dominion city where the songs have become an anthem, and the name Chucks Peters is gradually holding ground.

In All The Earth (Download) | Hallowed Be Your Name (Download)

Connect with Chucks Facebook | Instagram: @Nchuckspeters

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