DavEorKofi - Akwaaba

It`s almost impossible to keep on top of every gospel song that Youtube Music, Soundcloud, Spotify and other music platforms have to offer. But we have an editor`s pick in DavEorKoFi`s new catchy vibe.

The language is Twi! He`s 12 years old! The beat from 'Akwaaba,' his latest release is head-spinning and Afroswing too, which is remarkable! Once again, the delivery offers yet another reminder that he`s born for great things in UK gospel music scene.

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"Akwaaba /Your welcome/Even when your not free your welcome/ No one can stop you your welcome /Yeah, your welcome/Akwaaba Your welcome/Even when you're not free your welcome/No one can stop you your welcome/Yeah your welcome/It’s the year of jubilee/And I am free, so praise the Lord yeah/He made me free yeah/So Satan flee yeah...," sang the South London music artist. This a decent pick for your November playlist. Don`t sleep on this wavy tune.

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