(Aretha Franklin`s picture:

The legend of Aretha Franklin`s influence and music career lives on as one of the iconic images of gospel music, but after forty-six years of delay, finally, a documentary capturing her triumphant "Amazing Grace" gospel album has premiered in New York at the 2018 Doc NYC Festival.

You might be wondering, why has it taken so long to produce a documentary in the age of resounding cinematic advancement? Well, according to a Bazaar report, the 1985 Oscar-winning director of the movie, Sydney Pollack "made the mistake of not using clapper-boards when filming, which made the raw footage very difficult to edit because the sound couldn’t be synced.

"This left its reels gathering dust in the Warner Brothers vaults until the producer Alan Elliott acquired the rights to the film in 2007 and had it digitally restored." Plus, the legal team managing Aretha Franklin`s estate and her family needed to give their blessings.

Now premiered in the United States, done and dusted. We expect to see the Oscar-nominated documentary in 2019 when it finally drops at the cinema with a probable release date synchronising with Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday.

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