When I Call by Bright Edeh

Bright Edeh has released a brand new single called "When I Call". The young Nigerian gospel recording artist answer calls as a songwriter, praise leader and music director, and is a graduate of Computer Science from Lagos City Polytechnic, Nigeria.

His music ministry and career started in 2013 after recording the first single "Divine Surprise" and "No One Like You" respectively. In 2017, he released another single, "When I Call" which was God inspired. That song came through at a very tough time in his life while battling an ulcer which affected his vocal box to the extent that a doctor advised him to quit singing to avoid a severe health problem.

At some point, all hope of recovery seem lost, but God came through for him. Bright Edeh moved on to enjoy nomination for awards and won several of them in his university days. His sweet vocal comes distinct and clear in the new single showing consistency. You can download and share it here.


Connect With Bright Edeh

Ig/Twitter: @Bright_Edeh

Facebook: Bright Edeh officia.

Youtube: BrightTv

Bright Edeh - When I Call Lyrics

Oh how wonderful it is,

Jesus promised He'll take care of me (X2)

I don't need to worry about the things I heard ,

All I need to do it to give thanks ,

And believe in what He says!


I can call him in the morning ,

I can call him in the middle of the night,

And when I call him He'll make everything alright,

It doesn't matter how big the problem might be,

Jesus promised He'll take care of me.


For His love will never fail!

His mercy will always prevail.

He's taken care of everything I am, and will ever be ,

He paid my dept on the cross!!

Call: I can call him!

Resp: call him!

Call: He will answer!

Resp: Answer! (X3)

All: when I call on him He's always there.

For me....

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