Christian hip-hop artist, Vicious Vic has released his second EP titled “Young but Mighty”. The eight-track EP comes seven months after his first project in March titled “Stage One”.

Young But Mighty - Vicious Vic

This project is targeted at Christian youth as a reminder of our calling, and caller. My prayer is that listeners will not only bop heads to the catchy beats and hard-hitting lyrics but that there would also be a renewed hunger to go out into the world and make a difference for Christ.”

Young But Mighty - Vicious Vic

Born in Nigeria, raised in South Africa, and living in the United States, Vicious Vic`s new EP is the honest outpouring of a young man’s journey with Christ.

[Download Young but Mighty by Vicious Vic]

This journey has given him the passion for using each and every gift he was given to reach people with undeniable truths. He is a gifted singer, rapper, songwriter, poet, and public speaker. He also runs a YouTube channel called “Vicious Vlogs” where he shares biblical concepts on a weekly basis.

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