Anu Omideyi`s debut lyric video was reportedly published on Youtube, after noon Thursday, United Kingdom time.

Anu Omideyi - Restore The Joy

'Restore The Joy' is an up-tempo, catchy track that speaks of God’s ability to restore, peace, love and double everything that has been lost or stolen. With inspirational roots in Isaiah chapter 61, particularly verses 4 and 7, the song is one of joy and hope, encouraging listeners of better times ahead, if not right now.

The award-winning choir director and singer-songwriter took many by surprise when she announced her upcoming debut worship EP last month and dropped a snippet of the live studio recording to create gospel buzz.

'Restore The Joy' is a track lifted off the forthcoming EP, "The Worship Must Go On." Anu Omideyi has a swirl of activity and phenomenal music artist (Mark Beswick) scheduled for its launch on the 13th of November in Coventry, and this represents an important milestone in her music career.

This all has been in the making for quite some time, I’ve just been quiet about it while waiting and listening for the go-ahead from The Man Upstairs. When he said ‘Go!’ I moved. I hope this song gets everyone moving too! Pun intended!”

While all these moves might be a surprise to some, Anu Omideyi has been leading worship at her church for decades, longer than she’s been a choir director. She’s regularly invited to lead worship at different church events and has professionally tutored worship teams in other churches soon after she stopped practising as a barrister in 2015. You can get the ticket to her upcoming worship EP launch by clicking here.

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