Chris Da Ambassada, the multi-award winning reggae artist, has just released a brand new album and what an amazing one it is. The aptly named album is titled ‘New Chapter’ and has14 great tracks with quality features from both UK and international artists.

Chris Da Ambassada - New Chapter

The new album is a big step up from his previous one and brings that excellent reggae sound, infused with pop, dance, soca and other genres. Ambassada said he wanted to ensure there was something for everyone on this release and no doubt he has achieved that with great success.

This year has indeed been a new chapter for Chris. He picked up the Premier GospelAward for Best Reggae and has been nominated for three GXMMA Awards as well as a UK Entertainment Award this November.

(Download New Chapter by Chris Da Ambassada)

2018 has also seen him share the stage with some of the giants in the industry, including Papa San and Marion Hall (aka Lady Saw). With loads more to come from Chris Da Ambassada, 2019 promises to be a fascinating one for him.


1. Prayer Time

2. Warrior / Arise / The Blood (Medley) [feat. Chantelle & Sherri]

3. I Declare (feat. The Cokers)

4. Perilous Times (feat. Chantelle)

5. Leave It Alone

6. Speak Life (feat. DJ Nicholas)

7. Good God (feat. Chantelle)

8. Mek up Yuh Mind

9. Keep Pressing On

10. No Way (feat. Tneek)

11. Anointed One

12. Party Time (feat. Jason Mighty)

13. Roll Out (feat. Sade Sealey)

14. Turning Up (feat. Volney Morgan & New-Ye)

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