Sophy-Yah has shared platforms with great gospel musicians like Chevelle Franklin, Noel Robinson, Bob Fit, Original King Arthur, Madeleine Kerzner and Sonnie Badu to mention a few.

Open Doors by Sophy-Yah

Her latest music video taps into an inspiration that God can open doors for us when the time is right, even when we least expect it. "I wrote the song during one of my visits to Nigeria after a deep meditation," explained Sophy-Yah during a recent chat.

"I thought of how far the Lord has brought me and where I am now. It could only be God. I had gone through severe persecution for eight years after I got born again at the age of thirteen. I knew that where I am now is by God`s grace. I pray the music video blesses every ear that hears it and eyes that watches it, and I`m trusting the Lord to make it go far by His grace."

You can enjoy "Open Door" music video here. Sophy-Yah is presently the music ambassador for London-based International Women of Power (IWOP) and a multi-award winner.

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