"I want people to know that no matter how little the devil, circumstances, situations may make them feel if they can believe God`s Word, receive it from God The Father, they are Champions," revealed Nikki Seriki.

Nikki Seriki - Champion

The brand new single was the production work of Ian Green with inspiration coming from Ibe Otah`s feedback after he informed Nikki that her last single "Found You" was enjoying radio play in South Africa.

According to her story, " the tune came to me after the news from Ibe, and I began to put the song together. We face so many obstacles as Minstrels of The Lord so when someone tells you that your song has gone viral you know you are a Champion. Small beginnings, yes, but step by step we are getting there."

Nikki Seriki`s song will make you see the "Champion" in you. The official music video is now available on Youtube, but you can also download her album here.


1. Champion

2. No Doubt

3. All I Wanna Do Is Dance

4. Never Leave Me

5. Found You

6. Beautiful

7. Worthy