After a period of absence in the studio, UK Barrister/Singer, Anu Omideyi surprised just about everybody when she dropped the good news (including video snippet and pictures) of her upcoming EP.

"Sooooo here it is. I’ve spent today doing my first ever (solo) live recording," she exclaimed on Facebook. "I’ve recorded an EP of 4 self-penned worship songs which will be released sooner than you think! Here’s a teeny little taster (please note you can only hear vocals and drums here as the snippet has been recorded inside the booth)."

Shanelle Sinclair, one of the many backup vocalists, featured by Anu Omideyi in the live recording felt blessed beyond measure to be a part of it. "Today was epic," she wrote. " So much fun and full of worship. I received so much more than I gave today. Thank you, Anu for writing impactful and emphatic songs to help us navigate the journeys that are our lives."

The adorable songwriter wants you to stay tuned while awaiting further announcements on her yet-to-be-named EP. But before then, you can enjoy the video snippet (see above) with cherry-picked guest appearances by The Cokers, Camillia Dick Yomi Sehindemi, TJ Dairo, Dave Niskin Music and Manley O'Connor to name a few.

Anu Omideyi

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