Latifah Makuyi

Sheffield-based songwriter, worship leader and multi-instrumentalist Latifah Makuyi first turned her creative hand to music-making as a teenager.

Now, with her notebook full of songs and a talented band behind her she’s set to take her sound to the next stage as she begins work on her debut EP. Driven by a vision to see lives changed through creative, joyful, truth-filled worship, Makuyi’s passion is as powerful as her distinctive voice.

Having assembled a team of fellow creatives, Makuyi has released a live performance of her original song 'Glorious', which she explains was written to draw attention to God's vast and loving nature.

"Usually a being that holds this much power, enough to just utter a sound and entire planets come into existence, would be quite scary really since our human relationship with power has created an image of fear, terror and unjust rule. We so rarely see a powerful figure who can also hold a gentle, loving and beautiful presence but God is the epitome of just that."

The release of this video coincides with the launch of a Kickstarter project to crowdfund her debut EP which if successful should see an early 2019 release. Ambitious but confident, Makuyi is looking to raise £3500 for the project in order to bring in the right people for the sound she's looking to create. Learn more about the Kickstarter here.

"I’ve been writing stuff for years but hadn’t really allowed myself to be as creative and unique with the songs as I wanted to be. I love the fusion of musical excellence, creativity and Biblical truth, so really that's the aim. I wanted to crowdfund this project, so that that at the end when I’m holding the hard copy in my hand I won’t be looking at something I did, I’ll be looking at something we all did, that thought really excites me!"

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