The Lord gave me a vision, a very clear vision about the music ministry in October 1997 as a new Believer. It was so vivid that I still have it indelibly etched in my mind’s eye. At the time, I chuckled cos it seemed impossible.

Isabella Melodies


Fast forward to October 2009 (exactly 12 years later), I released my first CD project titled Lost Without You. In those 12 years between the promise and performance was a process to pass through and a price to pay! The process included serving diligently in my home church as a worship leader and later worship pastor, attending bible school (in between making our last two babies), investing heavily in ministry, self-development and most importantly, pursuing a thriving intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. The price? That’s a story for another day... October 2018 will be nine years since stepping out into public ministry. And what a journey of growth and learning it’s been! 8 CDs, 2 live recordings, about 20 official videos, countless travels to many many countries and amazing relationships, etc. Thank You Jesus!

Isabella Melodies

In those nine years, I’ve put out stuff that make me cringe and stuff that make me smile! However, I have come to understand that even the “cringey” ones are a blessing to many souls!

In these nine eventful years, I’ve known what it feels like to be both celebrated and to be ignored, to be encouraged and to be discouraged, to be loved and to be disliked, to be honoured and dishonoured, to be included and to be marginalised...but in the midst of it all, Grace has defined my entire journey. So leading up to and in October, I’ll be sharing my story whilst daily sharing clips of my music videos as led. Be blessed as I share with you my story of grace and mercy. Not because I have attained but to celebrate how far grace has brought me. I pray it helps someone in Jesus name, Amen

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