Maseka - Witness

The poetic Zambian artist Maseka Susubeli is back with another sound symbolism and metre track that was inspired by slavery, African slave trade, treatment and migration from their native land.

Produced by Eric under the Truth-On-Point record label, Witness is rhythm and poetry bound with inspiration. You can download it here.


These are lyrical miracles poetic calls When duty calls we look to the lord outta prison Sorry it happened for a reason And am bold that I had this chance but I’ll look up to God even when am a black man with sagging pants


Am a witness Am a witness Am a witness Am a witness look

Verse 2

In ocean’s wide domains half buried in sands lie skeletons in chains, with shackled feet and hands.

They are the black slave-ship swims, freighted with human forms whose fettered fleshless limbs are not the sport of storms.

These are the bones of slaves; they glean from the abyss, they cry from yawning waves, “we are the witnesses!”

Within earth’s wide domains are markets for men’s lives. Their necks are galled with chains their wrists are cramped with gyves.

Dead bodies, that the kites in deserts make it’s prey, murders, that with affright scared schoolboys from their play!

All evil thought and deeds and anger, and lust and pride; the foulest, ranked weeds, that choke life’s groaning tide: these are the woe of slave; they glare from the abyss: they cry from the unknown graves.

We are the witnesses, am a witness are you a witness?


Am a witness Am a witness Am a witness Am a witness look!

These poems are the witness and struggle for lost souls, black man rejected with a fortune accepted look I wish I was Samson of this generation but only thing I see in these faces is weakness am a witness We on our demise preparing our own graves

Am witness and I’ve seen this.

Am a witness Am a witness Am a witness Am a witness look!

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