After a successful mixtape in 2016, Paul Payne837 has given us another body of work. This time it's an extended play to keep fans in the loop of what has been happening behind the scenes.

Paul Payne837 - War EP

War EP was released today on 200+ online music stores. With songs like "beautiful demon" talking about the struggle people face to fight lust while songs like "good life" talk about finally finding freedom in the Lord. It's a journey of a tough battle with a victorious ending.

Paul Payne837 - War EP

Mixed and mastered in Uganda by Amazing Beats (also behind the production of Nakana featuring Deejay Victor256), you can only expect the best quality.

The extended play is a fusion of trap and afro beat vibes seasoned by producers like Smizzy Beats (Zambia), Ojo (Zambia) and Amazing Beats (Uganda) with additional input coming from Dmstry (Zambia).

In a chat before its release, Paul Payne837 went deep into the inspiration behind the War EP and many more. You can follow our September conversation below.

Yesterday was a big day on your calendar. You released the artwork of your upcoming War EP on social media. How do you feel?

I feel at peace now the War EP is over! Lol. To be honest, though I feel very excited about it, now is the time for the world to witness the battle! Put on your 3D glasses people. I am about to get graphic with it.

Now, let’s talk about your new War EP. How did you come up with the title?

Hmmm! Life got a little intense after the passing of mum last year. I faced a lot of glitches, spiritual battles, anger, depression and hate. I was really in a sorry state at that time. That’s why I decided to name it War because of the challenges I was facing.

You’ve been working on your EP for a while now, how long has it been in the making?

Paul Payne837 - War EP

I started working on this project in late 2017 to be precise. The recording process didn’t take up much time because all the songs were ready within a week.

The primary challenge I had was setting the release date and that in itself was war!

Can you share the writing process of War EP with us?

Writing War EP wasn’t easy. I want to thank God for my family and friends who held me up when I felt like I had lost it all. Every song on the EP is a story and an event that has occurred in my life. The act of putting it out in 5-track production was war.

If I may ask, did you write all the songs on your War EP?

I have invisible writers that help me with the thought process. All I do is sing. Hahahaha! That was a joke! Seriously, I write all my songs. The songwriting process is so dear to me because I get to express myself with words while speaking my mind.

You have terrific producers working with you on the War EP: Smizzy Beats (Zambia), Ojo (Zambia), Amazing Beats (Uganda) and Dmstry from Zambia. What was it like to have them on your project?

It was a big honour working with these talented and gifted individuals. I learnt so much from them because they challenged me to give my best. I won`t deny that it was War-like for me at first, but overall it was fulfilling to work with the high prolific producers.

Can we talk a bit about your collaboration with Deejay Victor256 on Nakana? How has it been received by gospel music lovers across the globe?

The love has been overwhelming when we put out that record. It was war because I was thinking to myself like how the Christian community will receive it? Then something clicked, “God didn’t come for people who are healthy but the broken-hearted.” The song is doing great with features on numerous platforms I didn’t expect.

Thank God for my brother DJ Victor256, he has been an enormous blessing to my life. Shout to the entire team of Geek State Muzik, they mixed and mastered all the 5-tracks on the EP (Much love to Uganda). I really can’t thank them enough. I pray that God will bless them exceedingly.

Finally, the War EP drops on the 5th of October. What are your expectations?

I expect war, bloodshed, massacre and a lot of killings of the flesh. Suit up people and get your armour ready because the War is about to begin!!!

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