Lately, Curt Hardy released a collaborative remix to his new single, "More Than Enough" and it featured South Africa`s JD Crosson and Namibia's Franklin & Dee'A. So we caught up with him to chat about expectations and upcoming releases. You can follow our discussion below.

Curt Hardy - More Than Enough

Who is Curt Hardy?

I`m a gospel minister from Guyana in the Caribbean and currently residing in South Africa. I`m married with two children and featured my son Carlyle on one of my tracks "More than Enough." Also, I`m an IT Manager and hold BSc in Biology and an MBA. Most of all, I love the Lord and delight to do His work.

How would you describe Curt Hardy`s music?

My music is cross-genre while holding the gospel aspect as the primary genre. My first album Hymns from my childhood has Reggae, Jazz and RnB. Then my singles go from praise to reggae, for example, No One is reggae and hip-hop.

What inspired your latest single, "More Than Enough (Remix)?

More Than Enough was inspired by the Luke Cage series (a bulletproof vigilante in Harlem). I was lost in thought for a moment if only I can have that much protection from the evils and perils of this life. But then, I thought that I do, as my God has more than enough peace, joy, love, mercy and completely protects me from the devil.

What are your expectations for More Than Enough (Remix)?

The original track was a collaboration with my son, Carlyle. It`s now in the digital stores and doing well. My expectations for the remix (which features JD Crosson and Franklin & Dee'A) is to do be successful. It`s an honour to get invites to do a remix after a month`s release. I expect this song to meet the needs of young and old people. I hope it crosses culture, bless people and make everyone dance.

What new single/EP/Album can we expect from Curt Hardy in future?

I`m leaning very much to the same route. So expect more singles with flavours of reggae and soca mixed with Carribean style. I have received a lot of support from my Afrikaan listeners. So, watch out for something new.

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