Hanson Asiedu - Stages

Following a successful 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Hanson Asiedu presents to you his first body of work, aptly named ‘Stages’ – the EP. ‘Stages’ is a 5 track eclectic collection, with styles ranging from the West African Highlife influenced ‘God Of Your Word’, the stripped back acoustic vibes of ‘Easy On Me’, and the soul-funk fusion heard on ‘Lessons You Learn’. Recording the EP was a collaborative effort, with contributions from Nigeria, the United States, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

Hanson beams, ‘I am very proud of this body of work. It’s taken me a few years to get it together, so it makes it even more of an achievement for me. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been hopeful, disappointed, even angry at times out of sheer frustration. But all is fair in love and war, and I’ve definitely faced some warfare on this journey.’

Hanson Aisedu - Stages EP

Hailing from the rich cultural heritage of Ghana, Hanson says ‘I am the only musical one in my family as far as I know, other than my great grandfather who was a Methodist Church organist.’

The interest and relationship with music started from a young age; from singing and dancing in the primary school playground and being chased by other children asking him to sing, through to convincing friends on the phone that he was Craig David. Hanson has sang in choirs, almost signed a deal in the early 2000’s with an independent record label, and travelled extensively across the UK wherever the music may lead, including busking on the streets of London. Hanson is a graduate of the Academy Of Contemporary Music, Guildford.

Hanson’s faith underpins the songs he pens, lines he sings, and messages he delivers, and his expression of a deeply founded faith in God is undeniable.

Stages’ The EP is set for official release on 3rd October 2018. The anniversary of the Kickstarter campaign from which this project was birthed.

Hanson Aisedu - Stages

Track List

1. God Of Your Word ** 2. Cover Me 3. Lessons You Learn 4. Open Up 5. Easy On Me *

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All tracks written and composed by Hanson Asiedu* written and composed by Hanson Asiedu and Che SampsonAll tracks mixed and mastered by bigfootinyourface** mixed by Kofi Dua-Anto (KODA)

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