Tose - Broken People

Following the release of her 2016 Love Walk EP, London singer and songwriter, Tose took a two-year-old sabbatical to focus on family. Today, she returns with the launch of a new song titled "Broken People."

Highly anticipated and arriving with its official video, "Broken People" was written in 2016. The heart-felt song talks about different types of broken people and how we all need God in every aspect of our lives. In some way, we’re all broken without God, and this song serves hope to listeners.

Tose has a successful and unique sound which has taken her to Open Mic UK Singing Competition of 2015/2016. Also, she climbed to the top 5 of AStepFWD Singles Chart with ’Great Love.’ Let us hear from the brilliant UK singer herself...

Please, introduce yourself? Who is Tose and how did you start out in gospel music?

As you know already, my name is Tose (short for 'Toseghemwen'- yeah, no need trying to pronounce it)! It means 'It is my time'. Quite prophetic if you ask me). I started out in gospel music the way I believe most gospel artists started- in the church choir! This is where I honed my gift.

However, I had been massively exposed to music of all kinds and practically addicted to it from a very early age, thanks to my Mom. I finally took a leap of faith to transition into singing, performing and recording gospel music as a career in 2015

If you were asked to describe your genre/style of music, what would you call it?

This is one question I dread more than any other. Thankfully, I'm beginning to learn I'm not the only artist in this quandary. It's even more difficult now because my sound has evolved greatly and is still evolving from my first EP.

The idea is not to make things complicated or confuse people, I promise! Previously, I hid behind the cloak of the term 'worship' and I noticed that satisfied people, thanks to the likes of Hillsong and Bethel, who have all but coined a genre from congregational worship.

Tose - Broken People

But since my new material doesn't fall under that category any longer, I have been forced to come up with a phrase that I can only hope best encompasses all the components that make up my style: "Soulful pop with a dash of country!'' You laughing yet? I am!

Love Walk (Vol 1) was your last EP, why has it taken you so long to drop a fresh and new single?

This is a very good question. I can assure it was not due to lack of material. I think it all boiled down to one word, timing! Remember I stated earlier that my sound had evolved greatly from Love Walk (Vol. 1). That certainly brought about some anxiety because I was comfortable where I was. It took a little while to embrace the new season I have just walked into. I had to be ready.

I wasn't prepared to release anything new until I was. Having said that though, I wasn't completely silent during my hiatus, I I released a few covers of some of my favourite songs on Youtube, did a little writing and even did a headlining show late last year showcasing some of the new material

Your latest single, "Broken People" was released today. What is the story behind the title, and what inspired the song?

I wish I could say 'Broken People' was born out of some deep revelation of human suffering and how much humanity needs Christ the Saviour...that came later. As it seems to be with most of my songs, Broken People took it's first breath amidst a mundane scenario (at least to me) : A big old nasty mummy tantrum caused by my children, just being children. Actually, it wasn't caused by the children. It was caused by lack of rest and near burn-out. The kids were just at the wrong place and certainly at the wrong time.

Long story short, I felt so guilty and started a self-pity party on how much of a rubbish mother I was. I was overcome with frustration and feelings of helplessness and these thoughts just jumped at me: I am imperfect. I have issues. I am BROKEN. I'd be insane to try and navigate something as tricky as day to day living without God. And while He's working on me and perfecting me, I need a saviour, not just to redeem me from the law of sin and death but to save me from myself...daily. I need The Saviour.

We all do. That was the inspiration bit, which in all honesty was just 10% of the work. The rest, I had to work to flesh out, working on the premise: "So what other types of broken people do we have in our society?"

Who produced "Broken People" and should we expect a follow-up music video later this year?

Broken People was produced by Aron Bicskey for Resound Media (producers of Daughters of Davies, Out of Ashes and formerly Philippa Hanna just to name a few) along with myself and my husband Ose as co-producing. I am actually releasing the Broken People video at the same time with the audio. Usually we would wait, but the video just helps drive home the point so well we thought it best, on this occasion to release both together

Finally, what is your expectation for "Broken People?" What do want people to take away after listening to it?

One word: Hope. I want to see hurting people (those struggling with mental and physical health, victims of life circumstances, like sexual abuse and divorce etc) filled with hope that comes from the Saviour when they listen to Broken People, that it strengthens them to keep moving. They just need to be honest and surrender completely. Even their imperfection-their cracks- can be used for His glory!

Tose - Broken People

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