Tose - Broken People

Following the release of her 2016 Love Walk EP, London singer and songwriter, Tose took a two-year-old sabbatical to focus on family. Today, she returns with the launch of a new song titled "Broken People."

Highly anticipated and arriving with its official video, "Broken People" was written in 2016. The heart-felt song talks about different types of broken people and how we all need God in every aspect of our lives. In some way, we’re all broken without God, and this song serves hope to listeners.

Tose has a successful and unique sound which has taken her to Open Mic UK Singing Competition of 2015/2016. Also, she climbed to the top 5 of AStepFWD Singles Chart with ’Great Love.’ Let us hear from the brilliant UK singer herself...

Please, introduce yourself? Who is Tose and how did you start out in gospel music?

As you know already, my name is Tose (short for 'Toseghemwen'- yeah, no need trying to pronounce it)! It means 'It is my time'. Quite prophetic if you ask me). I started out in gospel music the way I believe most gospel artists started- in the church choir! This is where I honed my gift.

However, I had been massively exposed to music of all kinds and practically addicted to it from a very early age, thanks to my Mom. I finally took a leap of faith to transition into singing, performing and recording gospel music as a career in 2015

If you were asked to describe your genre/style of music, what would you call it?

This is one qu