Dont Call The Doctor - Gordy

(Gordy, pictured above)

Oh, the talent: call him prophet, worshipper, creative and film director, and you won`t be wrong. Botswana-based singer, Ntungamili Anest Keagile, stage named Gordy (an extension of the name God) has released a self-produced single headlined "Don`t Call The Doctor."

Since he accepted the divine call, Gordy hasn`t looked back, and for a good reason he wants to be used by God for His glory. Known for a style of music that has a bit of old-school, futuristic and African vibes, "Don`t Call The Doctor" is one particular track.

Dont Call The Doctor - Gordy

Revealing the untold story in a chat, Gordy said, "usually, I pray before getting on a beat, and I just let the spirit lead me, but here I was crying out to God for help - my problems were just beyond human expertise or control.

"With a heart full of pain and depression, I was at a point where I was struggling in life, but I was still serving the Lord to the best of my ability, like being in an abyss with nobody to help me out, except Jesus.

At that time, nobody could understand what I was going through except Jesus. He was the only one who helped me. That was how "Don`t Call the Doctor" was born." The second verse pretty much tell my story. I hope people will accept the honestly expressed in its lyrics. (Download)

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