Cass - White Noise

Beautiful gospel artist, Cass is known for cutting-edge songs that have resonated with many hearts across the pond. A few days ago, she shared a revelation about her struggle growing up as a teenager.

Opening up on Facebook, Cass said, "so during the show last night, for the first time I got choked up during Crowns (this has never happened before, so my first thought was why Jesus). But it’s like as I sang the chorus, I just saw a picture of my 16-year-old self-struggling with suicidal thoughts, rejection and identity issues."

Added to that, "I just thought of what God has done in the past 8 years — I couldn’t stop myself from crying (I tried with everything to keep it together and stop no cap) but this thought just kept replaying in my mind - where would I be if He hadn’t reached for me? I honestly don’t know. It’s a privilege to make music for a living, but it’s an honour to share about Gods relentless love."

Her new single "White Noise" featuring Chris Howland is out on all digital stores, but you can to it here.

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