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Matthew Ojar has a godly ambition that makes him function as a keen follower of Jesus Christ. He`s a unique singer, songwriter, praise and worship leader of My Church London.

Last week, he dropped "Weight," a brand new song which features Jonas the Beloved in what can be called an acoustic soul-piercing tune. So, I reached out to him; I wanted to find out more about "Weight" and the man behind the song.

Who is Matthew Ojar

I`m a creative singer/songwriter, worship leader, husband, father and follower of Jesus Christ. That’s who I am.

How would you describe your music genre?

I`m a cross-genre artist. My song catalogue points to my testimonies, but recently I’ve been writing more worship songs and crossing between genres. I guess my short answer is, I don’t know. The truth is I’m either singing about Jesus or what Jesus has done for me.

What are your main impulses to write the song "Weight"? What inspired the song?

Weight was born out of a moment of pure pain while standing before God. It`s my declaration. I was thinking of God and who He is to me. You know a moment in His presence changes everything. I didn’t set out to write it the way I did. I was having a moment with God, declaring who He is and the song dropped.

Who produced the song "Weight?"

It`s self-produced. I wrote all the chords, the lyrics and the vocals. I had my terrific friend Jonas Umba (aka Jonas The Beloved) play the keys and the guitar. He also arranged the chords after I wrote them down. He is a brilliant songwriter, so I knew the touch he would bring to the track would be fantastic. I usually work with Jonas The Beloved. He`s a worship leader in his own right!

What are your expectations for "Weight"? And any new single in the pipeline?

Concerning my expectations, it may sound funny, but they are entirely in the hands of the Lord. I’ve been down the road of self with my previous EPs. But now, I expect to bless somebody, to touch somebody, to encourage somebody. I hope people will be blessed and delivered when they listen to "Weight."

What do you have lined up after "Weight?"

I currently have two singles in the pipeline. One is coming out on the 8th of August, and it will feature my Church Choir. It`s titled ‘The Selfie Song.’ It’s a funny song about selfies but from a Christian perspective. It was a song written in South Africa while on a ministry trip. We were having some fun, and I came up with the chorus, we got back to England, and we fleshed it out.

Also, I have another single in the 3-4 months release pipeline called ‘Never Be Alone.’ It is my crown jewel. A gospel song about my testimony in music. Never Be Alone talks about experiences of brokenness and that God is always there for us through it all. It’s evangelistic by nature.

[Download Weight by Matthew Ojar x Jonas the Beloved]

Matthew Ojar - Weight ft Jonas The Beloved

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