Take Over - WYLD ft Jake James & Shope

Up and coming UK based producer/artist WYLD, who reached 1 million streams on Spotify this May is looking to build on his streaming success with new single ‘Take Over’ featuring Jake James and Shopè.

This single pulls on WYLD’s favour for progressive pop with the use of electronic sounds.

Take Over’ is a feel good summer vibes track with smooth and inviting vocals of Cincinnati based artist Jake James and a special appearance from rapper Shopè from Canada.

Take Over started by me writing the backing track after hearing Jake James’ Album. I new I wanted to work with him, his voice and lyrics are crazy, and the way that guy writes melodies is something else.”

WYLD had been writing while going through some rough times. Take Over’ is a great reminder to him and now others about what faith means.

It’s all about who you are in God, letting God take over situations and being okay with that. As humans we love to be in control so trusting in something that you can’t see isn’t easy but is always worth it.”

[Download "Take Over" by WYLD ft Jake James & Shopè]

In a world full of labels, WYLD keeps his identity in his faith and showing people what it means to be a Christian.

Lord I’m really hoping you, Can you show me who I am, I am a child of the I am.

Take Over is available on all digital platforms for download and streaming.

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