Lion of Judah - I Am Jonah

At the time of writing this blog, Lion Of Judah`s new EP "Treasure," which was housed by SoundCloud has been streamed 1159 times. My favourite track on their beautiful 5-track collection is "I Am Jonah." But first, I need to say thank you to Youtube Music for recommending the song.

Like the biblical story of fugitive Jonah, the song`s lyric captures the power of God`s grace to restore a sinner. "I am Jonah/I keep running away/Three nights in darkness/ Three days in the grave/Without Your grace Lord/That's where I would stay/But there's golden shores where washed-up sinners lay."

The soothing message of God`s forgiveness and His reckless abandonment to love ripples throughout this acoustic masterpiece, and with optimism, you can press play to stream here.

Meet Lion Of Judah Members

  • J O S H B A N N I S T E R // Guitar, synth, lead vocals.

  • A D A M N I C H O L L S // Synth & backing vocals.

  • I S A A C B A N N I S T E R // Drums & backing vocals.

  • D A V I D B L I G H T // Lead guitar & backing vocals.

  • M A T T H E W K N I G H T // Bass guitar & backing vocals.

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